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Nala Makeda is an ethical, sustainable fashion brand that specialises in luxury hand-crafted clothing and accessories that feature bold African or Ankara wax prints in contemporary designs.

Our physical and online exclusive boutique is based in Panama.

We offer high quality African inspired fashion. Creating a range of modern African print dresses and clothing for women, men and kids, which merge the styles that fit in seamlessly with your wardrobe.

This is not about fast fashion, it's about making pieces that you can truly treasure.

 If we haven’t met yet…


My goal is to celebrate my culture through the medium of fashion.

Tourism guide, chef, apasionate designer, creative director, do-er!

My friends describe me as never sitting still – constantly learning new things, creating, and cultivating ideas.

Many years ago, my grandparents inspired me to embrace and enhance the culture of my ancestors, and since I was a child I saw the constant situation of racism in my country. The first time I had a problem of racism was at school because of my hair, and some years later I lived an incident of racism in a bank because of the use of a turban. This made my life move around extensively and I decided to put myself in charge of the store that my family inherited for me to empowers afro culture in Panama

I wanted to create stylish pieces infused with bold prints influenced from African textiles. I believe the modern woman can feel beautiful whilst expressing themselves with african textiles.

It's about merging the ancestral visual marks with trends that fit the needs of today's style. "Each garment or accessory has a story."

Thank you for taking your time to read this piece. Look through the store and order at your convenience.


Christh M.

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